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From AI to Mixed Reality

With illuni's AI technology we have the ability to create an immersive

service that is incomparable to others.

Contact us anytime you need the help of illuni’s solution.

illuni’s solution isn't solely used by our own team, it is also utilized by

many national research centers and client companies.


Face Analysis


A solution for facial analysis in image

Analysis of face shape, pose, gender, age, race, etc. 
Analysis of where the user's gaze is positioned on the screen
Available on Android/iOS/PC/Mac local environment without a server
Lite Version currently available at the Unity Asset Store

Photo-Realistic 3D Face

Character Generateion


Generate a live 3D character with a single picture of a face

Accuracy enhancement through frontalization/normalization of the face, after facial recognition
Auto-generation of facial expression models through automatic rigging technology
Available on Android/iOS/PC/Mac local environment without a server
Currently utilized in the StorySelf Service 

Interactive Mixed-Reality

Content Production


Interactive content production service where the user(child) makes themselves the main character

Producing content where the user becomes the main character based on photo realistic 3D face character generation technology 
Producing content where the user can insert their own voice using noise filtering technology
Producing interactive content where the user can create content using their own writing and drawings
Currently utilized in the StorySelf Service 

Intelligent Customizing

AI Avatar Solution


MoiiMe: An AI-based, high-dimension, customized AI avatar generating solution 

High-dimension customized avatar based on FFD / Depth Projection / Auto-rigging technology 
Immersive avatar with auto-facial expression generation based on voice recognition 

Avatar generation using a photo, face/body/hand Full Body Motion Capture
Provides integrated avatar resource management through avatar API
Currently utilized in the Moii / MoiiMe Service

Multimodal Input-based

Image Generation Solution

ai image.png

Generative AI-based customer-customized image generation solution

Multimodal Input
Reflect Customer's brand character and IP
Generate at high speed
Used in the StorySelf as an Ai playground for children’s creativity/language education.

LLM with Memory

and Persona


MoiiMind: LLM with memory and Persona

Providing personalized AI chatbot systems with memory and persona
Creating various AI characters through memory and persona
Offering conversational 3D AI avatar solutions integrated with MoiiMe solution

Currently utilized in Moii / MoiiMe services

LiDAR-based Human

Detection and Behavior

Analysis Solution


Privacy-preserving LiDAR-based human detection and behavior analysis solution

Using only LiDAR's distance data for human detection and behavior analysis
Utilized in privacy-sensitive areas as an industrial safety AI solution

ai voucher

Take advantage of the 2024 AI Voucher to

utilize illuni’s AI Technology. 

What is the 2024 AI Voucher 

Support Project?

It is a project in which small businesses and ventures (demand companies) that need AI support are issued vouchers that can be used at small businesses and ventures (supply companies) that offer the required AI solutions.

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